Time of Use Pricing

So our new place has a washer/dryer and a dishwasher. Ahhhh the sweet luxuries. Oh wait what is that sucking sound? Oh its these appliances sucking up energy and raising my electric bill. Did you know about time of use pricing? I vaguely knew about it but it has never really applied to me. But it does now!

Time period Hours of the day Days of the week
Summer months — begins May 1 of each year
On-peak 3−8 p.m. Monday−Friday
Mid-peak 6 a.m. − 3 p.m. Monday−Friday
8 − 10 p.m.
6 a.m. − 10 p.m. Saturday
Off-peak 10 p.m. − 6 a.m. Every day
6 a.m. − 10 p.m. Sunday and specified holidays

Time period Price per kWh*
On-peak 13.266¢/kWh*
Mid-peak . 7.500¢/kWh
Off-peak . 4.422¢/kWh*

I believe we will be doing laundry on Sundays from now on. And getting up early to run the dishwasher. That’s a pretty significant difference in price. And I am in Andy’s words ‘a bean counter”.


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