Eugene 2011 Marathon

In my quest to become a Marathon Maniac and I wanted to run in Track Town USA, I ran the Eugene Marathon on Sunday. Long story short, it was a fantastic course. Sorry Portland Marathon but Eugene’s course kicks a$$. Plus running the last 200 yards on Hayward Track (the famous Hayward track!) is an amazing experience.

My friend Amy’s in-laws live in Eugene and were kind enough to put me, Andy, and Amy up for the night. Linda and Joe (in-laws) were absolutely amazing. They were so nice, made us feel welcome, and fed us very well. Their home is beautiful and there are deer all around.

I ran the marathon with Jodi and Anna. I ran part of the Vernonia Marathon with them. They are fun, entertaining runners who are simply amazing. The day of the run started off very chilly. But the weather warmed up quickly.

Me, Anna, and Jodi

I honestly didn’t have a time goal for this race as I ran Vernonia three weeks ago and had been sick for two of those weeks. I could feel it in my lungs. Usually its my body that is sore and tired. But this time, it was my head and my chest. I developed a low dull headache at about mile 3. I think it was either from congestion. The headache wasn’t bad enough to whine about. I just noticed it and tried to forget about it. My lungs started hurting about mile 11. They felt okay for miles 15-19 but after that it was a struggle to maintain a consistent pace. Everyone has races like this so I’m trying to learn from the experience. Thank goodness I had Jodi and Anna to absorb good mojo from.

I tried to drink plenty of fluids as it was warm out. I actually got sunburned on my face and arms. The course follows the Williamette River for several miles and it was just gorgeous!! I loved being outside with my friends, running in the sunshine and just having a nice day.

At the end, we were definitely tired, hot, and hungry. I’m sure my companions got tired of hearing of my desire to have a sandwich. Jodi ran ahead of me and Anna so she could take pictures. The last 200 yards were on the track and Anna was determined to run as hard as she could. I am very competitive and didn’t want to be left behind especially as race officials were filming the finish line and displaying it on the Jumbo – Tron.

me and Anna running to the finish


I swear I'm not yawning. I am shouting enouragement

Andy was sweet enough to take these photos. So as we got to the finish line, they filmed Anna and me crossing the finish line and threw it up on the Jumbo-Tron.

We were seriously running at this point. My chest was burning so bad I thought I was going to collapse.

I felt like I was going to collapse

Today I feel pretty good. Less sore than any other race I’ve done. My left ankle feels a little jinky but I think I pulled some tendons or something. It will be fine in a few days. A big thank goes to Amy, Andy, Linda, Joe, Anna, Jodi, Garth (Anna’s husband who gave me water after the race), Amy B. (who also gave me water after the race), and Liz (who gave me a big hug while I was sweaty and stinky).


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