Hashbrown Fail

This morning I woke up with the burning desire to have crispy hashbrowns. I’d made them before by baking them. Cause you see, I do not appreciate the soggy/mushy hashbrowns that most breakfast places offer. I will usually eat the crispy top and leave the yucky mushy remainder. I prefer my hashbrowns to be the stage prior to burning.

I Googled ‘hashbrowns’ and looked at a few suggestions. Feeling confident that I could do a better job than that of trained professionals, I set out to quench my morning desire. I squeezed the majority of the moisture out of the potatoes and placed them in the pan. Long story short – I failed. Miserably.

Hashbrown fail

The potatoes lumped together like they were trying to escape the pan. The outside was slightly crispy but the inside was almost gelatinous. Desperately I tried to squash the potatoes down into the pan but this didn’t help. Andy ate all of them while I pouted silently. Damn you hashbrowns. I might have failed this time but I’ll be back. Oh yes. I will be back!


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