Lean, Mean Aleta Machine

So in an effort to become faster, healthier, and leaner; I’ve decided to drop a few pounds. Normally I keep these decisions to myself. I mean, c’mon. This is a blog, not a diary. I follow Christian’s blog and his post really struck a cord with me. Especially the part about training like a runner. Losing 30 pounds, running with people better than him, and swimming helped him become lighter, faster, and stronger than he’s ever been.

You see, I am slow. I do not run fast. By anyone’s standards. When I see my race photos, I don’t look like I’m running. Seriously. At best, I look like I’m walking fast. I will never be this:

But I can be better than I am now. I’ve had a nice break off after Hagg Lake. Now if I want to run a five hour marathon at Newport Marathon on June 4th. I need to be a lean, mean Aleta machine. Cut back on the junk. Run a lot. Do speedwork. Strengthen the weak muscles, Build the strong ones. And run. A lot. Swimming and spin class will help ensure that I don’t burn out or get injured. So. Here I go.


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