Post 50K Favorite Questions

I’ve gotten some great questions about my 50K. Here are my favorites:

1. Did you train for it?
I bit my lip pretty hard when I heard this one as it was from a woman who recently completed a marathon. Do people think you don’t train for something like this? I’m not being sassy but serious. But then again, the woman who asked the question thought she could have died running her marathon while I was very confident that I had a greater chance dying on the WAY to the 50k than during the actual race.

2. How are you still alive?
I honestly think that most people have no idea how much their own body is capable of with proper training and nutrition.

3. Are you crazy?
I don’t think so but I’m not a trained professional. This question came from my mom and makes me smile. Usually when she asks this I interpret it as “Aleta, I love you and please be careful.” Don’t worry, Mom. I am.

3. Why would you want to run that far?
To see if I could. I knew I could. But I guess I wanted to see what would happened if I was racing the distance rather than a training run.

4. How do you run that far?
Train for the race. Then on the day of the race you put one foot in front of the other until you are done.

5. Will you ever get all that mud off your shoes.

6. Can you walk?
The day after the race it was slow going getting out of bed but once I got moving it didn’t hurt that bad. Yesterday was way better especially with all the stretching. Today is much, much better. I still have some soreness in my lower legs.

I was pretty sure after I finished Hagg that I wasn’t going to run for a month or so. But today I’m definitely missing being outside. But I’m going to rest up for a few more days and then ease back in.


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