Why I Didn’t Attend the Networking Event

Recently I signed up for a networking event hosted by PSU’s Multimedia Professional Program. It sounded like a cool thing: people talking about their digital marketing success stories and breakfast. Okay. Mostly I was curious and wanted free breakfast.

Here’s where it gets interesting. I was on Meetup.com checking out a few tech groups when I saw this event. So I signed up. I got an email last Tuesday from Meetup.com reminding me about the event. So the next morning, I get up super early and head downtown. I get to PSU’s Rec building and don’t see any signs telling me where to go. I go the dude with the computer who’s sitting behind a desk. He checks and says he has no information about this event. I go up and down floors looking for the event and cannot find it. Turns out I had the wrong date. Okay. Bad me.

I get to my office with a bagel in hand and send an email off to the coordinator the the Multimedia Program asking what floor the event will be on. She responds that it was in the confirmation email I received. I looked through all my emails and no there was no floor mentioned. I communicate how Meetup.com didn’t include this information. She tells me I have to register on another site for this event. Okay. I’ll play. So I register yet again for this event. I notice that only 4 or 5 people have registered including her. Not much of a networking event, huh?

This might have been the end of the networking saga but then I receive a reminder email late last week about this event. Okay. Great. Then yesterday I received another email from the coordinator reminding me about the event. At this point, I am officially annoyed. I registered on two sites and received 3 reminders about this?

So last night I realized I had a lot of meetings today and so much to do. I decided that the ‘networking event’ simply wasn’t worth the effort I had put into it.

Moral of the story: promoting your event through multiple sources is good but don’t make your participants work this hard to attend an event. And for goodness sake, three reminder emails is absolutely ridiculous!


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