I Eat Fake Meat

My name is Aleta and I eat fake meat.  You see I have an unhealthy obsession with the oven roasted chicken breast sandwiches. Now you don’t have to be a genius to figure out that the chicken breast is not 100% chicken. So what is it?

I sent an email to Subway after reading the article on Taco Bell’s newest lawsuit over their beef. The lawsuit claims that the  ground beef used in tacos, burritos, and nachos isn’t  100% beef. More along the lines of 35%. However Subway has yet to email me back.

It says Taco Bell’s ground beef is made of such components as water, isolated oat product, wheat oats, soy lecithin, maltodextrin, anti-dusting agent, autolyzed yeast extract, modified corn starch and sodium phosphate, as well as some beef and seasonings.

I love me some anti-dusting agent. Just kidding. I honestly cannot remember when I ate taco bell last. I think it may have been about six years ago when I was still sneaking meat behind Andy’s back. Now I just eat it in front of him.

Recently I bought some frozen chicken breasts that were on sale at WinCo. They were ridiculously underpriced. The voice in the back of my head shouted “Antibiotics, hormones, Mad Chicken Disease!” But I wanted those chicken breasts. Andy left the house and I rushed to the toaster oven to pop in two breasts that had been rubbed with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. I have to admit that I was horrified to see how much water cooked out of the breasts. They were good though even if they were drippy.

I cannot afford free range, hormone and antibiotic free chicken. I know companies shoot the chickens up with water to get a better price on them per pound. I know the chicken breast from Subway is probably no better than the beef at Taco Bell which is no better than the Vande Camp fish sticks I buy at Fred Meyer. I work a lot of hours, run a lot, have little time to prepare food, and am supporting my full time student husband. Money is tight. Would I be better off eating better quality food? Probably yes. What do I have to sacrifice for that better food? Time and money. Where does the time come from and what can’t I buy because I’m buying better food? Sometimes the choices aren’t so easy.

You see, my name is Aleta and I eat fake meat.

{Below is the response that Subway sent to me. My question was: what is in the chicken breast. It’s obviously not 100% chicken}

Thank you for your interest in Subway nutritional information.

On our website http://www.subway.com you will be able to find our nationally offered products broken down by Nutrition/Ingredient information. For countries other than the USA visit http://www.subway.ca and select the country.

All information is updated regularly, unlike printed material they may be out dated.

A Printer Friendly Version can be found by highlighting the maroon Menu/Nutrition tab at the top of the main page. Select Nutritional Information on the right of your screen select Nutrition Data Tables

The local items may be found under the heading 6 Limited Time Offer/Regional Subs. For those local items not listed you will need to ask
at your local Subway.

Again, thank you for choosing Subway.


Ann Harrigan
Customer Care Representative

Comment ID: 2227338


One response to “I Eat Fake Meat

  1. The way I see it, there’s no reason to feel guilty about eating this kind of food. Anyone who sneers at eating food that, God forbid, is not 100% natural, is a snob at best and a fanatic at worst.

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