2010-Year in Review

Yes. Another blog post reviewing the year. But honestly, this year totally rocked! I look back on the last 12 months and am so proud of how much I have accomplished. Here is what I’m particularly proud of:

1. Finishing my first marathon
2. Finishing my first half marathon
3. Finishing my first sprint triathlon
4. Finishing my first duathlon
5. White water rafting for the first time!
6. Completing my SQL class with a B! (I’ve never worked so hard for a B in my life!)
7. Going on my first overnight hiking/camping trip the day after a 20 mile run. (That was tough!)

2010 was definitely the year of firsts. In October 2009, I decided to train for the Portland Marathon and I never imagined how hard/awesome/tiring/fun/exhausting/wonderful/life changing the experience would be. In October 2009, I had never run farther than 8 miles. And 8 miles was a HUGE milestone for me. I actually cried after I finished. I learned all about the wonderful world of chafe, blisters, IT Band injuries, and had to bite off more stray toenails during my run than any person should ever have to do.

My world went from happy hours and leisurely baking experiences to 5 hour long runs and napping. Oh glorious napping! Andy bought a drying rack to lay out all of our workout clothes. I went from cotton shorts to wicking material and running tights (which are awesome!). I felt like I had a purpose a plan for my days. No longer was it “What am I going to do today?” It was “I am going to run/swim/bike/or lift weights today.”

Getting in really good shape gave me the confidence to agree to my first overnight hiking/camping trip. Next time, I won’t go on a 6+ mile steady incline hike after a hard 20 mile run the day before. I also had the opportunity to go white water rafting which is one of the funnest things you can do!!!

So after the year I had, how will I continue this wonderful adventure? Well, I am planning on running my first 50k in February, going on my first international trip in June (Germany!), and running a few more marathons in late spring early summer. Andy graduates in June and hopefully we will be able to go on more adventures this summer!


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