With our move looming on the horizon, Andy and I have been trying to get rid of a lot of possessions. I look at the huge stack of books and think “Do i really want to pay to store these” or “Do I really want to carry these?” I packed up my closet and it took 3+ boxes. What the hell do I have in there? Stuff. I have a lot of stuff. And I need to have less stuff.

I’ve been reading blogs dedicated to minimalism. There are some really great ones out there: “Be More With Less” and “Castles in the Air” There is a whole community of people out there who are dedicated to living a less consumer driven lifestyle. And they seem really happy with their decision. To me, having less stuff means having more free time. If I don’t have as many dishes, I have less dishes to wash. If I have less clothes, I have less clothes to launder and take care of.

I don’t know if Andy and I could ever truly live a minimalistic lifestyle but we really need to prioritize our belongings and start getting rid of a lot more stuff.


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