Take Back Your Lunchtime

At my job, we’re busy. I mean really, really busy. Usually 90% of the time. People come in early, work late, and sometimes on the weekends. After a few weeks/months of this, it gets to you. Now I don’t work on the weekends unless absolutely necessary. Yes, I scan the Blackberry on Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings but that’s about it. But my lunches have disappeared.

When I was buying a sandwich or a bit of soup, it was a great way to get lunch in. But when you fix your lunch at work (I cook blackbean burgers or burritos in the toaster oven), bringing a plate of food outside isn’t really appealing. So I started eating my lunch at my desk. Slowly my lunch disappeared into me shoving food into my mouth while trying to type with one hand.

I wasn’t anymore productive doing this. But the resentment seethed under the surface while I thought of a plan. Then it came to me. I could continue to fix my lunch at my desk and work. But I could schedule time after this to go for a walk or read. By actually putting the time down on my Outlook calendar, it allowed me to keep this time for me.

Today, I will go run. Sorry coworkers. I will be out of the office from 1-2pm. See you soon!


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