Long Run-Update!

Last Sunday I was scheduled to do a 24 mile run to prepare for the Portland Marathon. Originally I had a different route planned but I forgot about the Susan Komen Run for the Cure. So on the fly, I opened my lap top & decided to run and out and back rather than a loop. When I looked at the PDF of the Springwater Corridor I could have sworn I saw that Powell Butte was at mile marker 9. It is a little more than 3 mile from my starting point (my house) to the beginning of the Corridor. So running 3 down to the route + 9 on the trail = 12. I stop and the 9 mile marker and run back. That would give me 24 lovely miles.

Unfortunately when I got to the Springwater Corridor all of the mile marker signs were gone. Probably due to the recent repaving. The first part of the run was difficult but not unmanageable. I felt that I had been running forever! There were signs that gave me an idea that something was amiss in my mileage. But I have bad spacial skills. (I don’t know how long a football field is!)

By the time I got to Powell Butte, I was all ready tired and not looking forward to running back. But I needed to get my 24 miles in. On the way back, I sang to myself and cheered myself on. My legs were aching terribly and my spirit was low. A fellow runner going the opposite way gave me an encouraging smile and a thumbs up. Instantly I teared up.

As the hours ticked by, I realized that I still had miles to go. I couldn’t figure out how I had run so slow. During the last four miles, I alternating between a slow shuffle and walking. Everything hurt so bad. Finally I made it home but not after shedding some tears.

I was sore for days after that run. Today I went out to run the Springwater Corridor but the mile markers were back. My plan run was 16 miles. As I made the turn to get off of the Corridor and start running home I saw mile marker 8. I paused for a moment because I couldn’t believe it! The week earlier I had only needed to hit mile marker 9 and where I veered off the course was miles closer in! Miles! For the rest of my run today I couldn’t get it out of my head. How far had I run last week?

After showering and eating, I grabbed Andy and we drove out to the trail. I figured I ran about 26 miles last week. So you can imagine my surprise when I first saw mile marker 12. Mile marker 12 was at least 3/4 to a mile from where I had turned around. Andy and I continued walking until we got to the other side of Powell Butte which is where I turned around.

So. Last week I didn’t run 24 miles. I ran 32. I ran 32 miles! 32 miles. Can you believe that!!?? This explains why I ran almost all day. Good thing the marathon course is marked otherwise I might end up in Seattle!


2 responses to “Long Run-Update!

  1. Wow wow wow! Well now you damn well know you can do the marathon baby. No sweat. Okay, probably lots of sweat. But you can totally do it!

  2. Aleta – that’s amazing! No need to be nervous about the marathon now because you’ve schooled that distance already.

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