MBA Program Update

So I got the phone call today. Unfortunately I was at work. The representative from Portland State University informed me that no I was not accepted to the MBA program due to my low GMAT score. If I said I was surprised that would be lying.

The first time I took the GMAT, I deserved the low score. I didn’t study enough and pretty much didn’t take it seriously. But the second time, I dedicated time at least five days a week to study. I would either wake up early and study, study at lunch, or at night. I made myself a notebook of math and grammar cheat-sheets. I still remember the formula for the distance between points. While I was taking the GMAT the second time, I felt pretty good about the test. Until I got the preliminary results. Then I felt like crap. After all of that studying, I got the same score. Really? I mean REALLY????

And the money. $500 that I could have used for something else. I could have given myself 500 paper cuts which would have been less painful than all the studying. Or bought a large hammer to smash my head repeatedly…After I got my preliminary score, I tried to fool myself and say that yeah they will accept me. As if pity will gain you acceptance into a graduate degree program. Obviously I have debunked that.

So now I doing the whole internal soul searching thing…what do I want? Why do I want it? How else can I get it?

The thing is I wanted the MBA for personal and professional reasons. Not just to be better than my little brother. Because God knows I will never make the kind of money he does. At least I can be better educated with more student debt. Cause that equals out, right? I thought obtaining an MBA would allow me to be eligible for promotions and obtain a better job.

I love Digital Marketing. There are so many things I want to learn: SEM, PPC, website analytics (beyond Google Analytics). But breaking into a job that would allow me to do this requires experience. How do I gain said experience. Then there are those no-sayers (like Penelope Truck) who poo poo an MBA. So I started looking at taking classes through PSU’s Development Center. Most of the classes I want to take are during the day. You know when I’m working…

So Plan B is slowly being flushed out. I have a few months to decide if I want to try and take the GMAT again, apply to a school that doesn’t require it, or shelve the idea for now.


3 responses to “MBA Program Update

  1. Thanks for share! It’s really useful for everyone!

  2. The first and only time I took the GMAT, think I only got 200 for filling in my personal information properly. Made my SAT score look awesome! 😉

  3. aspiring entrepreneur

    Oh my goodness. I just took the GMAT today and feel EXACTLY the same way. I’m trying to get into PSU too and its so frustrating that a stupid standardized test is the only thing standing in my way! For example… I have a MS in science and am a scientist by trade yet I blew the quantitative and killed the verbal. This makes absolutely no sense. I would love to hear more about what you ended up doing! Thanks for sharing. Made the post-test trauma a little more bearable…

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