I’m still waiting for word on my application for grad school at Portland State University. I despise waiting. So I’ve been trying to keep myself occupied with music, running, and reading.

Recently I discovered a deep love for Blues music. Thanks to Pandora, I’ve created a great station and have been exploring all types of music that is classified as Blues. I’ve found that I don’t enjoy Jazz music as much probably due to the brass section. I enjoy guitar and percussion more. I’ve also been listening to The Black Keys and recently Mumford & Sons. Both The Black Keys and Mumford & Sons are coming to Portland in October. I was able to pick up tickets to The Black Keys show. They originally had one show on a Monday night but added a Tuesday show! Mumford & Sons sold out in a day and a half so me and my friend are going to Seattle. A nice early birthday gift!

On the 8th of this month, I attempted to run 20 miles. I only made it 17 due to getting lost, chafe, and basically poor planning. Yesterday I tried the same route out again and made it! I’m running parts of the actual marathon course to get a feel for the terrain. The route goes over the St. John’s bridge which is a huge, old suspension bridge. I am scared of heights. Actually terrified is a better word. But I’ve run across the bridge twice now.

And reading. I’ve been reading a lot. Magazine, blog posts, books, papers. And its been good. Very good. But still I am waiting…


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