Self Improvement

I didn’t know what else to call this post. I mean I all ready do A LOT of self improvement: classes, exercise, and read but I think I need to focus on two areas to make my life better or more meaningful. Ok. I need to back up. I am reading Jen Lancaster’s “My Fair Lazy” where she embarks on a

“Eliza Doolittle-esque project of cultural self-improvement”

I started thinking about my own relationships with people After my friend Amy (for the 4 billionth time) encouraged me to quit wasting energy on ranting about a specific individual who manages to crawl under my skin with ever Tweet and stupid comment on my Facebook page (see I’m all ready getting irritated). I’m not sure why this person irritates me so badly but I have a few theories I am too ashamed to admit. I read an article aptly named “How to Deal with Difficult People”. I have a history of dealing with these people quite poorly. From family members to strangers to coworkers, I am have a difficult time letting issues go. For me there is no letting it go. I will analyze and theorize on why someone said this or did that until I am feeling crazier than Courtney Love. Please understand I don’t get violent or scream at people but sometimes I want to.

So my project is to learn how to deal more effectively with these difficult people and letting it go…..My first stop is the public library. I have all ready found several books that hold the promise of teaching techniques that don’t involve physical violence or verbally assaulting others. I’m on board with techniques all the way.

The second part of my life that I feel I need to work on is harder to put into words. It’s a mishmash of creating the life you want/finding motivation/ time management if that makes any sense. I feel I have a lot going on and need to bring some structure into the chaos. It’s not really chaos but I would feel better if I had a plan of some sorts.

So off I go to the public library in search of knowledge and peace.


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