Moving On

I’ve outgrown my neighborhood gym and am moving up to a bigger ‘corporate gym’ that has multiple locations, pool, group classes,etc. I’ve been going to the same gym on and off for over five years. For some reason I feel guilty about moving on. Last night after I ran, I spoke to the owner about my upcoming half marathon knowing this was probably going to be the last time I sought his advice in his gym. I felt sad.

But along with the guilt is the realization that I need more for my money. With my swimming and gym fees, I was paying almost $45 a month. I cannot afford that. The new gym is about $30 a month and has a pool. The old gym is slowly but surely falling apart. There are water leaks, broken equipment, and the place could use a deep cleaning. I am seriously about the cleaning part.

In preparing to move away from the old gym, I did discover that almost every gym will allow you to work out for at least 7 days on a guest pass. I really encourage you to take advantage of this option. I went to a couple of different gyms each at different times to get a feel for the amount of traffic and potential issues that might arise. I went at lunch and at 5pm which are high volume times. I also read a lot of online reviews of the gyms to look at the experiences other people have had. And I talked with friends about their experiences. Then I worked out at my old gym for the last 30 days of my six month prepaid membership to ensure that I did indeed want to leave.

So today I embark on a new adventure. It’s an adventure to me as I work out as much as my busy schedule will allow (which lately has not been as much as I would like). I’m excited about some of the group classes as I’ve always wanted to take a spin class. The new gym has a variety of classes that I want to try out. So I will let you know how the adventure turns out.


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