Dream Job

I’ve been conversing with a friend via email about our dream jobs. You know the ones where money is no object so you can choose a job that either pays very little or no money. For most of us, they are one in the same. A few years ago, USATODAY ran an ongoing monthly column about people who are have their dream job. Reading through the article, the common theme is that people who have their dream job have a sense of control over their day, work, and responsibilities that the majority of us do not have.

My dream job changes from time to time. But a common theme is that it usually involves food and/or drink somehow some way. At times, I think I’d like to have a farm and others I’d love to be a writer (I could write about food or just eat and drink while I write). These days, baking sounds wonderful. If money were no object, what would your dream job be?


3 responses to “Dream Job

  1. If money were no object, and I had plenty of startup capital, then I’d want to open my own Printing Press. Not just publishing, and not like signs or posters, but actual books: finding authors, paying them to write, then printing and binding and covering and creating the physical reality of written words. Books are an integral part of my existence, and even though I do a majority of my reading via digital media I still think the profession of bookmaker would be one of those jobs I could do for the rest of my life.

  2. I would have a flower shop.

  3. Aleeeeta! I like talking about stuff like this. It’s the dreamer in me. I’m a habitual daydreamer!

    First, I’d be a journalist. I’ve thought about it more, and I would love to be a food or film critic, because those are two things I absolutely love. As my friend likes to say, “I live to eat.” 😉

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