Tutt: The Sweetest Cat That Ever Did Live


Our Tutt

This morning I got home from an early workout at the gym to find my sweet baby Tutt under the rocking chair (in his favorite spot) dead. His eyes were open and at first I thought he had just zoned out as he sometimes did. But he was gone. We don’t know how or why our little baby died. He was only 3 and a half years old. He hadn’t been sick or acting abnormally. We didn’t have poison in our house and there were no skirmishes with the other cats. He was an inside cat who lived a shy simple life. He loved to lick me and Andy’s fingers. He liked to crawl under the covers with me and lay on the floor on my side of the bed on my clothes. He was enjoyed playing with toys and was an accomplished killer with one mouse and a bird under his belt. As a litter of one, he had some serious issues with socialization and marking his territory. But regardless, he was a very sweet and very loving. I will miss him very, very much.



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