So I’ve been trying to swim at least one day at the local pool. I tried using my old goggles. They had really cool lenses and were heavily discounted when I purchased them five years ago. And they leak water like the punctured side of the Titanic. Not great when you rely on contacts to get you safely from end end of the pool to the other.

Andy and I made a trip to REI which is easily one of my most favorite stores ever. They didn’t have much in the way of selection but what they did have looked awesome. Andy helped me settle on a pair that have a way to easily adjust them while wearing them. I can get them so tight I can actually feel my eyeball bug out a bit. Not that that is how I will wear them. I just wanted to give them a little test.

New Goggles

Please ignore the messy hair and bad skin. Not sure if I am allergic to the apricot scrub I bought six weeks ago but my skin hasn’t been the same since I started using it. I don’t know.


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