2010 Spring Classic Duathlon

On Saturday I participated in my first duathlon. We ran 5k, then biked 15 miles, and then ran an additional 5k. The date of the duathlon snuck up me so I wasn’t as prepared as I would have hoped to have been. Besides snowing or freezing rain,the weather couldn’t have been worse. It was cold. I mean really, really, really cold. It was raining and the wind was blowing pretty hard. I was very nervous and a little irritable before the race.

No more photos!

Starting line



2% body fat group

Completing 1st 5k

Bike time!


Riding in

Almost to the finish line!

I didn’t make my goal of two hours. I was the 257th finisher out of 271 participants. But I didn’t stop, walk or give up. I kept going despite the wind or rain. Here’s a link to the results. My race went better than these guys:

Broken bike

Where's the bike?

Now I’m thinking about the next race!


3 responses to “2010 Spring Classic Duathlon

  1. Hooray! Congrats on finishing your first race!

  2. Aleta! I’m so proud of you. It is a great race if: 1) you start healthy. 2) you finish healthy. Anything else is icing on the cake, so good on you for not walking! I know how cold it was. I was effing FREEZING coming out of the pool in Corvallis and running in wet lycra to my bike. My son was smart enough to have brought a long sleeved bike jersey but I only had arm warmers. Luckily a teammate loaned me her short sleeved jersey, so at least I had a dry layer on the outside. Very muddy bike ride. But, once I got warm (which was a good chunk of time AFTER I had a hot shower and put on 2 dry layers), I was a happy camper!
    Congratulations! Now, come down to Lebanon with me on May 15 and do a tri!

  3. Wow!!! Your amazing!

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