I am considered an Athena. Bet you are surprised to hear that, right? I mean, who knew? I signed up for the Spring Classic Duathlon and according to their weight chart I fall under the category of Athena. You don’t have to check the box, but I did. Men that are over a certain weight are called a Clydesdale. Hmm. Who chose these names? Cause they are pretty poor choices.

It’s still amazing to me that I can run and work out this much and still be overweight. When I first started the marathon training, I dropped 4 pounds so fast, it was amazing. I was really excited to think that I would drop ten or fifteen pounds with just running. But alas, the holidays pounced on top of me along with my intense love of baking. The 4 pounds came back and I’ve heard rumblings that they are here to stay.

I’ve been reading blogs written by overweight athletes and have come to the conclusion that there are ALOT of us out there. Really!

Here are some of my favorite blogs:
CJ Runs (and walks)
The Fat Runner
Fat Girl on a Date

and who can forget:

Punk Rock Tri Guy
Confessions of a (not so fat) Runner

These are just a few. There are thousands out there. Maybe even millions. I know I should focus on eating better and sticking to my training schedule but part of me can’t help but long for a lithe slender body. The other part of me says who cares?I don’t know if I’ll ever look like a ‘runner’. But I do know that I’m pretty strong and can bike and run for hours. Literally.


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