Oysters and Unflattering Photos

Last weekend Andy and I traveled to Wilapa Bay for oysters. Yeah we’re crazy for driving two hours to Top Notch (our favorite bar in Raymond, WA), drinking a beer, and then heading to Eastside Seafood for clam chowder and oysters. Sometimes we stop at this weird little cafe that grills oysters in the shell. We were celebrating Andy being done with school (two A’s and a B).

Top of the oyster mound

No caption needed

We ate a pint of oysters at Eastside and bought a quart of the extra smalls and bought them home. Andy made 3 kinds of cocktail sauces for us to enjoy them with.

Andy looks mad but isn't.

To bring joy to millions (well to the few people) that read this, I present a series of photos I am calling “Unflattering Photos” (this is what happens when you give people like us a camera)


I'm sleeping! Leave me alone.

Enough of this.


One response to “Oysters and Unflattering Photos

  1. Mmmmm…. craving seafood now!

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