Things I Love

So if I wrote a post on the things I hate, I have to write a post on what I love, right? I Google both “Things I hate” and “Things I love”. I am happy to report that there were a lot more results for “Things I love”.

1. The first cup of coffee in the morning.
2. Sweet treats. It can be cupcakes, cookies, brownies, etc.
3. The good hug when you really need it. The both of arms around your body kinda hug. The one that says take your time. I’m here for you.
4. Sites that allow you to share content without setting up an account.
5. Carbs.
6. Beautiful scenery.
7. Friend and family.
8. And a husband who understands that his wife has had a rough week and doesn’t fault her for her crabby attitude.


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