It’s 5am

I just started waking up at 5am to go work out rather than after work. Too many things happen at 4:30pm in my department so I never knew when I was going to get to the gym or if. Then if Andy was making dinner, he needed to know when I would be home (evidently he can’t read my mind or see into the future). It was very frustrating for both of us.

5am. Not only is it early but its cold and dark. I’m as clumsy as a twelve year old girl hitting a growth spurt at that time in the morning. Everything I touch falls on the floor, the door makes the most awful squeaking noise, and the cats are a little freaked out by my sudden appearance in the living room. So not only am I clumsy and loud but I’m slow. My body longs for the warmth of my bed and my head isn’t putting together the various things I need to do to get ready in the correct order. Put shoe on, no wait! We need a sock in there somewhere..

So in a process reminiscent of the first day of school after a blissful 3 months off for summer vacation, I get my stuff ready the night before. Not only do I put water in my bottle, get my towels, and move my iPod from work bag to gym bag, but I lay my clothes out in the correct order. The order they need to be put on to maintain dignity, not get arrested, and have general comfort while working out. I put part of my hair up so when I’m standing in front of the mirror, I only need to brush it a bit and add a pony tail. I even start the car right after I’ve pulled on my clothes. By the time I make it to the car, its warm.

I have cut down the amount of time it takes me to get ready, the household is more peaceful, and I can relax knowing I’m not waking Andy up by dropping the hairbrush for the fourth time. As an added bonus, because I’m not taking so long to get ready, I get to the gym earlier which means I leave a few minutes earlier. It’s like I bought some extra time that I didn’t need to wake up earlier for.


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