Killer in Our Midst

This morning I got out of bed really early due to the recent change of work out time. I go into the living room where Andy greets me with a smile and a cup of coffee. I grab Shem and gave him kisses on top of his head. I walked into the kitchen stopping at where out living room begins. I let Shem go before he started complaining of the attention and then something on the floor caught my eye.

On top of Andy’s mp3 player, was a small dead mouse. I repeat-there is a small dead mouse on my floor. I’m not going to go into the stupidity of that little mouse’s decision to come into a house with 3 cats and one hungry Ball Python. Andy was so excited that one of our cats had killed and left the mouse for him.

Immediately we started debating which cat it was. We discussed background and experience. We decided that it was most likely Tut who made the kill and Shem probably pulled it over on top of Andy’s mp3 player. I’m a little creeped out that there was a mouse in the apartment but happy that I have a cat to do my dirty work.

Our little killer-Tut


2 responses to “Killer in Our Midst

  1. Go kitty! Get the mouse

  2. He does look fierce. Mice beware. :p

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