It’s Official!

Yesterday I registered and paid the $100 for my participation in the Portland Marathon. I feel very confident about being able to run 26.2 miles. I am not confident that I will make good time. But I also have something like 234 days until the marathon. To aid in my recovery from shin splints and prevent injury, I am trying to cross train using the elliptical at the gym and my bike. My plan is that on days I don’t work out or run, I will bike to and from work. This will provide my legs and heart with a good work out. So far I’ve been consistent about my weight training.

I think my running (and overall fitness) will improve if I lose a bit more weight. However, you can see from previous posts that I love to bake and my middle name is Butter. I’m going to start focusing on baking and cooking healthier versions of my favorite sweet treats. Currently I consume a lot of carbohydrates especially in the evening. I’m pretty confident that if I cut down on my portion size & include more veggies, a ten to fifteen pound weight loss can be achieved before the marathon. So expect to see more posts on these topics in coming days.


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