Shin Splints: The Saga Continues

After two months, two new pairs of shoes, endless research on the Internet, and hours of whining; I still have shin splints. I was doing really good until last week. On Wednesday I decided to do a short fast run on the treadmill. They shins started burning about ten minutes into the run. I thought it was tight calves and attempted to stretch it out. I took a few days off and did a long run on Sunday. My legs felt great. Yes, I was tired from the 13 miles but not the usual pain in my shin.

I took Monday and Tuesday off and ran on Wednesday. The first 3 miles were some of the most uncomfortable miles of my entire life. I didn’t feel like I could breathe, my legs felt slow, and my shin hurt for the first 3 miles. Then they stopped hurting. I ran 6 miles. The next day my right shin felt hot so I took some Ibuprofen and iced it down at work. I did the elliptical for 50 minutes and ran a slow mile. Today my right shin has a pack of ice on it as I am desperately hoping to run today. Feeling a little down about the whole running thing.

It’s weird how my shin doesn’t hurt when I run outside. I wonder if this is because I run faster on the treadmill, my strike is different, etc. I don’t know. I have a general doctors appointment next week. I’m going to ask the doc for some help on getting this issue figured out. Now that the weather is getting nicer, maybe the running outside is the key. I’m trying to keep stretching and lifting weights to help build up extra muscle in my legs. Hopefully something will help.


One response to “Shin Splints: The Saga Continues

  1. Ouch@! Shin splints are no good. Don’t know how you do it, run after run after run. Regardless, keep it up and pump those crazy legs!

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