And She’s Called Shin Splints

I’ve developed a mild case of shin splints on my right leg. Painful enough to know better than to continue running through it. I took four days off from running and read a lot about the causes, treatment, and prevention. As I haven’t been to the doctor to get a more formal diagnose, I’m calling it shin splints. I’ve had issues with shin splints off on and since I was about 13 years old.The last time I had them was about four or five years ago. I got a new pair of shoes, did some cross training on the elliptical and they went away in a few weeks. So that’s what I’m trying this time around.


One response to “And She’s Called Shin Splints

  1. Shin splints are so annoying. I never got them until this year. But really the term shin splints is just a general term for pain in that area. Unless you have numbness or sharp extreme pain I doubt it would be anything more serious. Another thing you might want to try is shin strengthening exercises, which are good for both treating shin splint and preventing future episodes of them. Coincidentally I just posted
    about the ones that I am trying.

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