Update on Marathon Training

The first two weeks of marathon training, I was nauseous most of the day. Food didn’t really appeal to me. (I know-what a shock!)  I just felt sick. Every night I had to force myself to eat more than a few bites. Frankly I wondered if that was going to be my life for the next year. But now I’m back to normal! Maybe even have made up for a lack of appetite. My new thing is that I’m sore in places I’ve never been sore before. My Achilles tendon hurts sporadically as does the bottom of my right foot.   I’m not sure why but I’ve been stretching and putting icepacks on both places.

Sunday is my long run day. I’ve been steadily increasing my mileage by no more than a half-mile each week on that day. If I feel horrible, then I just run half a mile but if I’m feeling good then I go the full mile.  The past few days my Achilles tendon had really been hurting. On Sunday I woke up and laid in bed for a good thirty minutes psyching myself up for the run. Hitting the 13 mile mark is really important to me because its half a marathon. It represents a milestone I never thought I ‘d get to.

I got all dressed up to go to the gym to run my 13 and was in a really, really good mood. I had enough water and had even eaten a little something to get me through the run. Both of my feet felt fine-no pain. I planned to run a negative split with the first 6.5 miles at around 5.8 miles an hour. For the last 6.5 miles I wanted to kick it up and run 6-6.2 miles an hour. Totally achievable.

I was 11 minutes into my run, completely on schedule, and then the lights in the gym flickered and then the treadmill stopped. For a moment I thought my side of the gym had blown a fuse. It’s an old gym and the electrical system could use some work. But then I realized the entire gym was dark. No power. At first I was pretty ticked off. I hopped off the treadmill and lifted some free weights for about five minutes. I thought about all my options weighing all the pros and cons. I didn’t want to get up early during the week to run so I had to do my long run on Sunday.  I realized my best bet was to run outside. So I quickly jogged home and put on some warmer clothes.

I ran across the Hawthorne Bridge and down the Waterfront area. It was really cold but pretty dry. When I left the house, I worried that I had put on too many layers of clothing. But as the wind picked up off the Willamette River, I realized I could have put on even more and been very comfy.

View of the Willamette River

I ended up running a lot more hilly inclines than I had anticipated. Hills aren’t my strong point and seem to absorb every bit of energy I have. At the very top I usually find myself shuffling stooped over like an old woman. I don’t want to tell anyone how long it took me to navigate the 9.5 miles I ran. Between the hills and traffic, it took forever. But the marathon has hills so I definitely need to start running a lot more of them.

Yesterday was also the New York Marathon. Celebrities like Alanis Morisette and Edward Norton both ran a good race and finished under 4.5 hours. The big news was that an American won-which is the first time since 1982. Meb Keflezig, the winner of the 2009 New York Marathon, ran the 26.2 miles in 2:09:15. All I have to say to that is Sweet Mary that’s fast.



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  1. I’m tired just reading about it!

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