Tillamook Macaroni and Cheese and Cheese Event

Last night Andy and I attended the Tillamook Macaroni and Cheese and Cheese event held at Kell’s. We met up with our friends Irik & Amy. The event is to judge which macaroni and cheese dish is the best. It is free to attend. You get a couple of beers, little buffet, and an opportunity to sample each of the recipes in the contest.

Us at the Event

Us at the Event

It was great to hang out with Amy and Irik. The majority of my coworkers also attended. It’s always nice to see such hardworking people take some time to enjoy themselves. But I don’t think this is the event for Andy and myself. First off, you only got 2 small beers. You couldn’t purchase anymore in the tent. 3 hour event with food on a Friday night? You could leave the tent and go into Kell’s to purchase more but couldn’t bring them outside into the tent. Second, the samples were cold. So it was hard to tell how good the macaroni and cheese really was. Third, only one of the six recipes didn’t have meat in it. So Andy was bummed. And fourth, it was really loud in the tent.

Keegan Gerhard, host of Food Network’s Food Network Challenge was the emcee of the grand finale cook-off. He was pretty entertaining but didn’t know anything about beer. He said that Widmer’s Drifter Pale Ale (which was being served at the event) was a “Very German Beer”. No, it wasn’t. Please don’t come to Portland aka Beervana without a fair amount of beer knowledge.
Keegan Gerhard

Andy and I ended up bored and thirsty so we headed into Kell’s and had a beer. Next year I think we’ll give it a miss. Cheers!

**Please note: photo of Keegan Gerhard was taken from the Tillamook Macaroni and Cheese and Cheese site.


One response to “Tillamook Macaroni and Cheese and Cheese Event

  1. Agreed. While the event was fun, this will be our one and only attendance. The 2 beer limit was STUPID and ended up driving a fair number of folks into Kell’s to drink rather than staying to find out the results. And yes, the m&c was cold by the time it got out to everyone (hard to get food to 600 people in a reasonable manner). I also found it strange that only 1 recipe was vegetarian for something that’s usually so veg-friendly…
    (on the happy side, the free mini stuffed cow was cute and a huge hit with my niece!)

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