Open Fire Hydrant=Fun!

The City of Portland has been doing some work on something around our apartment. I’m not really sure what it all entails but the Water Bureau brings several trucks, a weird lookin’ backhoe, and several other cool tools including a jack hammer. And all at the wonderful convenient time of 8am.

After hours of jack hammer action outside, Andy and I decided to go for a bike ride. We noticed that there was a large volume of water cascading down the street and into the storm drains while several members of the Water Bureau stood quietly watching it disapear into the opening in the street. We rode our bikes up 57th to find out where it was coming from.

I think this photo says it all:



Tomorrow afternoon, we are headed up to the Seattle area for the McCarthy family gathering. The McCarthy’s are Andy’s family on his mothers side. They are a fun bunch who know how to have a great time! On our way back, we will be taking a detour and visiting Astoria, Oregon (where the movie Goonies was filmed). We will visit Fort George Brewery and some other area attractions. Stayed tuned for some great photos and a good story.


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