Books I’m Reading

Although I’ve been absolutely swamped lately, I’ve been keeping up on my reading and discovering new bands I like. You can check out my blog post about “Why I love MySpace“.

I picked up “The Joy of Doing Things Badly” by Veronica Chambers. I love the way she writes. The words seem to just magically come together in a beautiful well-written narrative that is interesting and touching at the same time.

In a society that puts so much emphasis on perfection, Veronica Chambers mischievously casts aside the guilt-inducing litancy of ‘should, coulda, woulda’ that seems to define modern-day life and replaces it with a resounding call to live with “foolish bravery.”

I haven’t finished the book yet as I’m also reading several others. As some of you know, web design is a topic that I’m very interested in. I’ve taken and will continue to take classes to master this subject. For my latest project, I am reading “Web Design: Introductory Concepts and Techniques“. It’s a great book that can be used as a text in a classroom setting. Like the title says, it covers concepts and techniques. And it even has a thorough glossary.

I also picked up “Art Theory For Web Design” by Jennifer Golbeck. While it is somewhat elementary, it does cover the subject matter well. I found “Neuro Web Design: What Makes Them Click“. I’ve only read part of the first chapter but all ready I’m really excited about this find. I love knowing the why behind human behavior especially when it comes to the Web.

I was looking around Multnomah County Library and stumbled across Anthea Paul’sGirlosophy: Real Girls’ Stories“. Visually it appealed to me because the design and use of photography was so colorful and bold. The book is filled with different girls’ stories. It has a collage type of design that makes it feel like you are looking at numerous cork boards with cool pictures and stories. It’s a book that I could love to create because I love hearing about people’s lives and the decisions that have gotten them to the place they’re at now.

If you have some great books that you’ve found, please leave me a comment with the information I’ll need to either check it out from the library (preferred) or (gasp!) buy.


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