I’m Not Mrs. Andy

So I know that it used to be popular for married women to be called Mrs. (insert husbands first name) (insert married last name) aka Mrs. Barack Obama. But folks this ain’t the fifties anymore, I’m not in pearls and an apron, and I have have and exercise all of my constitutional rights.

I am not an extension of Andy. I am his partner, his friend, his lover, and his wife. I am Aleta. I understand that my grandmother, great grandmother, and Andy’s grandmothers address letters, cards, and other correspondence to Mr & Mrs. Andy Fullenwider. They grew up in a different time. But for all you other folks out there, please stop doing it. Seriously. It really gets under my skin.
Thank you!
So after writing and publishing this post, I’ve realized that my tone was very harsh. For that, I apologize dear readers. Sometimes in my eagerness to express myself, I forget that in this medium (Internet) you all cannot see me wildly waving my hands around only to calm down after I’ve made my point. So I apologize for my harsh tone but not my opinion on this subject. I’ve still yet to receive a letter addressed to Mrs. & Mr. Aleta Fullenwider-Good night!


One response to “I’m Not Mrs. Andy

  1. Lindsay and Mark Sydenham


    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I’ll be adding you to my blogrolls. I like your writing style. I agree with you about the Mrs. thing. It makes me feel like I’m not an individual. I am me and have many great qualities that do not have anything to do with my husband. Another thing I hate that is old fashioned is when men introduce their wives and speak for them. It’s so old school and I’m so happy I’m married to someone whose not interested in doing that.

    Anyway, keep in touch! Add me to your roll if you’d like!

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