This is the first week of school for both me and Andy. After looking at so many job descriptions that required specific software experience, I decided to take a few night classes (as to not interrupt my job search per the Employment Office) learning Dreamweaver and InDesign. I am really excited about both! A new cool website it on it’s way!

Andy is taking chemistry, microbiology, and calculus! I know-wow! We did go and visit Corvallis last week. It was a good visit that could have gone a bit smoother if we would have both prepared more. We didn’t eat breakfast so by the time lunchtime rolled around, I got pretty cranky. We finally got everything in order and were able to stop for a sandwich and beer at a pub by the campus. I believe it was called Clodfelters. The food, beer, and service was excellent.

Aleta at Clodfelters

Well, better run! I have homework!


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