Glitter Stamping and Other Fun Crafts

Last week I hung out with my friend Amy, another ‘lady of leisure’. We talked about the various activities we had been doing (besides the job search) to keep ourselves occupied. Besides the volunteer work, compulsive house cleaning (Amy just moved so she’s been unpacking), and reading, Amy mentioned that she has been doing some light crafts.

I’m not a super crafty person and have oodles of unfinished projects that I will probably never finish. So I didn’t want to buy something that I would play with once or twice and then discard like a petulant three year old. Yesterday I found a really cool book at the library that among other things, has you do cool little crafts. So when I went to Wal-Mart to buy more shampoo and cat litter, I visited their craft section. Although I ended up buying these creepy clay cats that I can paint, I did see a whole display dedicated to Glitter Stamping!
Glitter Stamping Display

Glitter Stamping is pretty much what you think it is, you create stamps of glitter. You can put these stamps on cards, invitations, and scrapbooks. I personally love glitter and cannot think of another more fun (or annoying) than creating a bunch of something that has glitter on it.
Starter kit for Glitter Stamping

Gotta run. I have some cats to paint. After these cats are painted, I think I will go back and buy that starter kit. Look in your mailbox soon for something leaking glitter everywhere.


2 responses to “Glitter Stamping and Other Fun Crafts

  1. Ooh, ooh, I want a glitter stamp card!

  2. Glitter stamping does sound like a wonderful mess! Wanna get together and do some crafts soon? We need to start bombarding Anne with glitter stamp cards 😉

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