More Andy



On Saturday Andy had his last brewing class which ended at Bridgeport Brewery. I was in the midst of scrubbing floors on my hands and knees when he called asking if I’d like to come pick him up and maybe have a pint. The only word I really heard was pint so before you could say Spic-n-Span, I stuffed my sweaty, unwashed hair into a hat, washed my smelly hands, and was on my way. (Please note: my plan had been to clean the house and then take a shower however Andy called me about an hour before I anticipated so I wasn’t finished with the cleaning yet.) This is also the reason why is are photos of Andy but not me. No one really wants to see you when you’ve been cleaning.

Nothing tastes better than a pint of good beer after you’ve been cleaning your house. That amber tasted like nectar from the gods. I did get to meet one of Andy’s fellow students; a nice man by the name of Cliff. Cliff was fairly excited that the class had been let out earlier than he anticipated so this gave him time to drink beer and chat with adults about beer. And his wife wasn’t expecting him home for awhile so he could do this guilt free.

We drank our pints and then went home to enjoy the french onion dip I had made. Neither of us eat a lot of chips but something about the Tim’s Low-Fat chips with some homemade french onion dip just shouted “Happy Hour!”

Well, time to go make some tacos and get ready for Fox on Sunday night line-up. Cheers!


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