Kolduny, Kikimora, and Rusalka

Between looking for a job and manic house work, I’ve been working on a story for a few weeks now.Up until about a week ago, it wasn’t really going anywhere. I had a great protagonist in mind but a weak storyline. It didn’t really have an substance to it and I was at a loss at to how to proceed. I want to write something I would enjoy reading . I like vampires, werewolves, demon possession, and other supernatural beings to be intertwined into a suspenseful, interesting story. I like all the usual twists and turns that usually leave me shouting “Oh no he didn’t!!”

I took an afternoon to look through the various horror, mystery, and fantasy books that were available at Multnomah County Library. I figured this research would help me decide my angle. According to two librarians, there is a lot more mystery books that are being published than horror. I think that’s probably due to general interest. I did find few pure demonic possession books available. Although demonic possession scares the living daylights out of me, I think its a little boring and predictable on its own. I think demonic possession works best when it relies heavily on witchcraft and other supernatural characters.

I have begun doing research on other cultures supernatural characters. I grabbed a book called, “The Bathhouse at Midnight: Magic in Russia”. The word kolduny refers to a group of Russian magicians. A kikimora is a female malicious house spirit and rusalka is a super scary water sprite. She lives in the middle of rivers and can entice men by singing. She will usually then drown them.

By researching another culture, I have found a virtual crew of characters both good and bad that I can use in my story. I now just need to figure out how to work a leshii into my story. Tall woodland spirit with pale skin and bright green eyes. Freaky…

The writing is something I want to continue doing on the side. I don’t think I would do well, writing full-time. I am still looking for a full-time job in the marketing/events field. Just wanted to make sure I was clear on that point.


One response to “Kolduny, Kikimora, and Rusalka

  1. Thats awesome! Writing is a great idea. Unleash that story telling beast!

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