More Writing

I read something either online or in one of the many books I have recently checked out, that free writing can help you break through a creative block or just help you get started. So I decided to give this a try with some funny consequences.

Yesterday I got irritated that we keep losing our internet connection so I decided to run some errands. I grabbed my little blank book (I’ve been jotting down story ideas in it), wallet, phone, and keys and leave the house. As I was starting my car, I had some words running through my head so I stopped to write it all down.

My creative juices were flowing, things were going great. I kept writing and then after I got it all, I read it back to myself. It sounded pretty good. As I was mentally and maybe physically patting myself on the back, I looked up and realized that not only the man who goes through the dumpster was staring at me but also my neighbor who was in his vehicle. There was also a young couple with a leashed down and a baby carriage also looking over my way.

I’m not sure what exactly my process looked like but obviously it was interesting enough for a few people to stare. I imagine it was probably the talking and then laughing to myself (and possibly the physical pat on the back) that provided some entertainment.

I went and got my hair cut which provided a weird experience (Vietnamese barber shop with Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting for You” being sung by Vietnamese Jet-Li look a like and hot African guy). After that I also sat in my car for about fifteen minutes writing down the experience I had just undergone. I realized as I finally headed over to Fred Meyer that it must take some aspriring writers a really long time to get anywhere….


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