Technology Issues: Day Two

Yesterday I went over to the Verizon store and they gave me a new phone. Have you been to a Verizon store lately? They have an employee who greets you on your way in and finds out what you need: customer service, technical support, or sales. They put your information into a computer program and you wait for the appropriate person to come and help you. If you’re just browsing, that’s fine. It seems like a good system but the wait takes forever! I was in the store for over an hour. But hey I got a new phone which works great.

We keep losing our connection to the Internet which isn’t great. A Comcast contractor just left after attempting to diagnose the issue. I didn’t personally experience the lost connection but Andy did. He’s actually taking a little nap right now as he worked all through the night on his paper. It’s kinda creepy to wake up four hours after you gone to bed to find your husband in the exact position with the exact expression on his face as when you left him four hours ago. Hopefully the connection will stay put… Time to go cook some dinner.


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