Technology Problems

So we now have Internet at home again thanks to the wonderful work of two Comcast technicians. It took about a week for Andy to iron out the details of our new setup. Originally I tried to ‘bundle’ our services not realizing how complex our situation really was. But Andy (sound the horn) was able to step in and make it happen.

The upside is that we are paying a lot less money than we used to and have more features that I will certainly enjoy. Did you know the digital cable has music? I don’t mean VH1 or MTV. I mean real honest to goodness music! I cannot wait to bake/cook something so I can listen.

This last weekend with no warning of impending failure-my cell phone completely died. I try to charge it up but it won’t take any charge so I had to buy another one. I got an okay deal at the Verizon store. But now my brand new Samsung Alias has an issue. It seems that the earpiece volume keeps cutting out.

I read the owners manual and yes, I rebooted it several times! (I worked with technical support guys at my last job and I know that’s the first thing you should do.) I was talking to one of my friends and actually heard the sound go out. There was this weird little pop and nothing.

So tomorrow I go back to the Verizon store to see what they can do. Not having technology readily at my fingertips is like cutting off my arms and legs. I feel crippled not being able to log into Facebook or Twitter because I have no Internet connection. Not being able to pick up my uber cool phone and make a call is awful! Gosh-when did I get this spoiled? I grew up in house that had a rotary phone! I didn’t have reliable Internet connection in my house until I married Andy. We only got wireless Internet service like two and a half years ago or so…


One response to “Technology Problems

  1. Even with the cell phone issue, it was awesome to chat yesterday! Hope that all gets resolved quickly. 🙂

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