Aleta 2.0: Day Three

I think staying positive is one of the more difficult aspects of being laid off in a recession. You try not to think of all the tasks you might have overlooked; you know the one that would have ‘saved’ your job. You avoid thinking about how long your money will last even if you pinch it until it screams. All of your friends start sending emails with the subject line of ‘thought of you’ and end them with ‘keep your chin up’ or ‘it’ll be okay.’ Sometimes you just need a day off from it all.

So I took a day off from it. Andy was at his brewing class all day so I roasted a chicken. Oh yes…roasted chicken. I threw that bird in a roasting bag (makes clean-up so much faster and you can put veggies in there!) and used Allrecipes Spicy Rapid Roast Chicken recipe. Normally I would have a photo of the results. However, I was really hungry by the time I was able to open up the bag. The picture would have looked like a pack of wild dogs had ripped open the bag and tore into the chicken. And yes, it was good.

I have been struggling with my other writing. I realized that it took me college and years of work to get me where I’m at professionally. It’s going to take more than a semi good idea and several Miller High Lifes (hey, it’s a recession and I’m laid off! Don’t judge me.) to produce quality writing.

Today I visited my local library to investigate what type of How to Write the American Novel books they had. I found several promising pieces including (my favorite): “On Writing Horror” , “How to Write Killer Fiction”, and “Get That Novel Written”.

I have also decided that I need to read Shakespeare. Why you ask? Well, in high school I only read Romeo & Julie, MacBeth, and Hamlet. With Andy taking some much chemistry at school, he is whooping me at Jeopardy. We eat dinner and watch Jeopardy every night. I need to bring my A game to our nightly ritual. I cannot rest on popular culture, technology,and military history categories. So I’m going to start with “The Tradegy of Othello the Moor of Venice.” And yes, I also picked up “Understanding Othello: A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents”. It’s been awhile since I have read Shakespeare and want to understand all of the nuances and thematic patterns. And in the past, I’ve had issues understanding the vernacular of his day. So here I go!! Wish me luck.


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