Aleta 2.0 Lists

Andy and I took a long look at our finances last night. I wish I could be a lot more upbeat, but it’s not pretty. My unemployment check will pay for the base bills like rent, electric, and phone, but with my student loans and this habit of eating that I have gotten into, it will be very tight.

In periods of stress, I find solace in writing lists. The organization makes me feel better. So now I have a pad of things to do, things that I can do that are free (entertainment), and things I want to do (clean house & car), etc. I also have started working on a few stories. Deep in my heart, I want to be a writer. Ideally I would like to write juvenile fiction or historical adult fiction. I don’t know if I’m any good. But until I start doing something, I won’t know.

So I’m using a time block strategy that was brought up in the career classes that I ironically started before I got laid off. Rather than saying I’m going to send out 25 resumes, you work on the job search or your resume for a period of time. After that time is over, you move onto another task like cleaning the house. I think the point is to keep your spirits up and not get too depressed.

I have the following blocks: exercise, house duties, job search, reducing lifestyle, reading, and writing. (This counts in the writing block). Well, that’s all for now. My block is over. Time to move onto job search. Cheers!


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