Fudge Cake

I made Andy a fudge cake for his um…well.. you know. That thing he hates to celebrate, that thing he denies, that thing he doesn’t even want presents for. Last year I made him a carrot cake from scratch. It was my very first cake from scratch. I got the recipe from Land O Lakes. And it was GOOD…. As you all ready read about, my brother Jimmy gave me several cookbooks for Christmas. One afternoon I was looking through the deserts and saw a recipe for fudge cake. It just sounds delicious. And it was pretty easy to make.


In the photo above, I am pouring the ganache on top of the cake. Basically the fudge cake is like making brownies but pouring more water into the mix. Then you bake it and let it cool down. After it’s cool, you mix a cup of creme with some baking chocolate and pour on top. The ganache soaks into the cake and makes the it weigh about two pounds. You let it sit for about an hour and then eat! One of the cool things is that you have extra ganache left over. You can put it on icecream or waffles.


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