Today Andy and I went to Clackamas Town Center to get a Simpsons calendar and some pants for my upcoming trip to Iowa. Andy is a big help when I’m shopping for clothes. He doesn’t join me very often but when he does, it’s really nice. He has a good eye for fashion and color.

We also went to Barnes and Noble to use a gift card that we received for Christmas 2007. Andy picked out an electronic Monopoly game that lets players utilize a ‘credit card’ to make purchases rather than use cash. I chose the second book in a series that my mother got me hooked on. Perhaps you have heard of it: The Twilight Saga. You know the movie and the books that all the young girls are dying over. Yeah, that one.

I also made a soup from “The Ultimate Soup Bible” that my brother gave to me for Christmas. I made Sweet Potato and Red Pepper soup (page 202). I added rice and a bit more Tabasco that the recipe called for. But I like my soups spicy and with a bit of texture. It turned out fantastic!



Andy and I had a pretty good time on New Years. We hung out with some friends drinking some beer and eating pizza. Dick Clark scared the heck out of us and we got worried that we had missed the last bus home. But all was well.
New Years Eve


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  1. It wouldn’t be a New Year without a Simpsons calendar!

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