Top Wellness Tips

I read a lot of blogs and have noticed that many have their own lists of top wellness tips. After reading several of these lists, I think I can do better.

10. Sleep
Americans average less than the recommended eight hours of sleep each night. Lack of sleep can lead to difficulty in concentrating, irritability, and poor judgment. Taking a warm bathe before bed, listening to relaxing music, and doing yoga can help you relax before bed.

9. Water
A few weeks ago I started tracking how much water I was actually drinking and found that on average I do consume the 8-8 ounce glasses a day. But on the weekends I wasn’t. I know that I am more prone to headaches when I don’t drink enough water which usually leads to crabbiness.

8. Say No
I tend to over commit myself at times scheduling too many activities which sometimes leads to stress. I recommend saying no more often. No, I cannot work late tonight or no, I can’t clean out the closets this weekend. Take a little time for yourself to relax. Go to the movies or take a bathe. Even laying on your bed reading a book is a great way to enjoy a little me time. Andy recommends petting a kitty.

7. Exercise
We’ve all read all of the studies about the benefits of exercise: stress relief, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, stronger bones, and higher body image. Go for a walk before or after work or enjoy a run on the weekend. You’ll feel better.

6. Wash your hands
I admit that I don’t wash my hands enough. I’m sure the cold I have now could have probably been avoided if I would have washed my hands more often.

5. Eat less meat
A great way to save money and calories is to eat less meat. Skip the pepperoni on your pizza and go for spinach, onions, and tomatoes instead. Personally (even though I still eat meat) I’ve found that I prefer my spaghetti without meat. My point is give it a shot, you never know.

4. Bring your lunch
I’ve found that bringing my lunch to work saves me a lot of money and is WAY more healthy than buying it every day. I often eat leftovers which also saves me money because food isn’t getting wasted.

3. Get regular physicals
If you have health insurance, then use it. Many Americans don’t have the luxury of good health care so take care of yourself. Physicians can help diagnose a potentially serious problem if you visit them on a regular basis.

2. Quit tobacco
I think we’re all in agreement on this one.

1. Cook good healthy meals
Before Andy went back to school, we ate a lot of our meals out. Now, we’re cooking almost all of our meals at home. It was hard in the beginning to cook on a regular basis. Sometimes it was really a pain. But like everything else, practice makes perfect. The internet is a great place to find quick and easy healthy meals. Food Channel, Food Network, NY Times, etc. all have links to healthy easy to make meals. It’s cheaper and better for you.


2 responses to “Top Wellness Tips

  1. I love your list. So simple and elegant. Stuff we all ponder or think of and it’s cool to see you wrap it up in a nice little package. I think I’ll do my own list and compare it with yours. Lists are good…

  2. “Petting a kitty?” I usually do that right before I go to bed too! Lol

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