I love a clean house. The light spell of bleach with a hint of Lysol and glass cleaner makes me weak in the knees. I enjoy taking off my shoes and walking across the linoleum floor without gathering a following of cat litter. But I actually don’t like cleaning. It’s dirty, hot, sweaty and usually no fun.

Today it was house cleaning day. Andy and I had three loads of laundry, vacuuming,and a bathroom and kitchen to clean up. With three cats and two active adults, our house gets pretty gross if we don’t stay on top of it.

Andy helping out!

Andy helping out!

The soap scum in our bathroom is amazing. No matter what I use or how often I clean the sliding shower doors, a thin layer quickly accumulates. This seemingly innocent looking layer quickly builds up a thick coat that is a indelible to environmentally friendly cleaners. Instead I am forced to use a bleach based cleaner that rearranges my DNA each time I use it. Taking Andy’s advice, I cover my face.

Aleta versus soap scum

Aleta versus soap scum

This is a short blog post as I am focused on adding more photos to the random photo page. Take a look!


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