When the body can’t keep up with the will….

When I was younger I did not appreciate the body I had. Rather than jumping and playing, I chose to hang out, drink beer, and stay out late. Now that I am older, I want to jump, run, and play. Unfortunately, my poor knees cannot keep.

Several years ago, I was hanging out and drinking beer with a good friend of mine. It was a super hot muggy night in July. Andy had rigged up several house fans to promote air flow in the apartment. I was running through the apartment and tripped on one of extension cords. I heard a loud pop! My lower leg went one way while my knee went another. It hurt really, really bad.

I went to my doctor who advised me to stay off of it for a few days but with 101.1 KUFO’s Mayhem at the Meadows happening in less than a week, this wasn’t possible. I used crutches for a few days but the day of the event I tossed them aside. After twelve to fourteen hours of running around, I finally sat down and noticed that my left knee was the size of a small melon. And it ached. Badly.

I have since visited a few doctors who all recommended that I develop my leg muscles to help support my poor knees. It’s worked very well although my knees (especially the left) ache after a hard run or several flights of steps.

Tonight I went to Punk Rock Boot Camp at Studio X Fitness. Janan was in the process of kicking our collective asses when during a good jump, I heard the dreaded pop again. I lurched forward into the mirror trying to prevent myself from collapsing on the floor in front of 9 fellow boot campees. I hobbled over to the couch trying not to cry.

Now I am laying on my couch with a trashbag full of ice on my left knee while Andy is making dinner. Getting old sucks!


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