Soup, Blogs, and Beer!

I wrote my first blog post for Beerporn yesterday. It was an interesting experience. Andy and I went to Belmont Station and stared longingly at the local beers (we both decided to stay at that cooler and not venture further as that added too many choices to the mix). We both chose seasonal ales. Andy got a 20 ounce Sierra Nevada while I choice two 12 ounce beers: Brrr (from Widmer) and Jubelale (from Deschutes).

It was hard getting started on my blog post so Andy suggested that I do more than sip and sniff the beer. I took a couple of good swigs of the 7.2% ABV beer and the writing muse slowly appeared. I provided all the background information on holiday ales but still had a rough time coming up with the actual body of the blog post. So I continued drinking the Brrr.

I finally was able to finish the post and hit publish but it wasn’t finished. In my slight beer buzz, I had made a few simple errors that were almost embarrassing. I finally was able to upload the photo that I had taken into the top of the blog post and finish editing it. I am rather happy with the fiinished product. Here take a look at Beerporn: “100 Writers, 1 Blog, All Beer”.

Tonight I made a Carrot and Dill Soup that I found in “1,001 Low-Fat Vegetarian Recipes” written by Sue Spitler. It’s okay. Like I said in an earlier post, I had over five pounds of carrots to use. The recipe suggest to puree the soup. I didn’t want to do that because I was afraid of baby food soup. I used my stick mixer to puree part of the soup. Yep, it’s okay but think I might add some salsa or hot sauce. I’ll let you know.


One response to “Soup, Blogs, and Beer!

  1. Congratulations on writing your first article for Blogporn!!! Like real porn, I hope their are many sequels.

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