So I’ve been making a lot of soup lately. Two weeks ago, I made Andy a rich potato & leek soup. Last week, I made a spicy Thai soup that was pretty good. It had a sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, curry paste, onions, green beans,red peppers, and tofu. I added coconut milk for a bit of sweetness. Take a look:

Spicy Thai Soup

Spicy Thai Soup

Soup is not only a great cold weather dish but it can help you to clean out your fridge. My soups are usually determined by what I have on hand. My next soup is going to be a carrot curry that I hope turns out well. I’m going to add a russet potato and a sweet potato. (I love sweet potatoes and hope to find more recipes that give me a chance to eat more of them.) Food 4 Less had a sale on carrots that I just couldn’t pass up. They were selling 5 pounds of carrots for under $2. I bought the 5 pounds even though I knew I had 2 pounds in the fridge. So I just finished making a carrot cake to help use up even more of them.

I went to Eugene for the day earlier this week to take care of some work stuff. I had to go over to Capella Market to take care of some business when I noticed that they had local organic leeks for $1.29 a pound. Now I could not pass that up! At Fred Meyer or Food 4 Less, leeks are about $3.00+ a pound. So, tonight I made some stir fry and will use the balance tomorrow to make another potato & leek soup for Andy. Hmmmm…soup.


One response to “Soup

  1. Had to check out your blog, Tweetbuddy. I see you like soup and have to share about Perfect Weight America’s soup/cleanse. Here’s a site that tells a little –

    I guess you might have to check the book out, but basically it’s all organic and you start with a whole chicken and lots of vegetables, ginger and coconut oil. You cook it for 12 hours and then let it cool a little so you can debone the chicken. I wasn’t hungry for more than about 5 minutes and by the fourth day I had more energy, felt great and lost 13 pounds in ten days. Slept well, too. I encourage you to check it out.

    Have a wonderful (be filled with wonder!) weekend!

    Blessings, Charlie

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