Yes, we can!

Now that Super Tuesday has come and gone, I think Americans (Republicans and Democrats) all agree that we are glad it’s finally over. I know that I have been tired of the commercials, endless mailers, and political signs everywhere!!

Now I think it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Our economy is in shambles with people losing their houses and jobs. People who thought they could retire in a few years and realizing that this might not be the case. Companies are being forced to lay off workers, sales are down, and the stock market keeps falling.

I think we all have to keep hope close to our hearts and remember what’s important especially as we move into the holidays. New toys and cool clothes are great, but family and friends are the best gift of all. I know that in past years, Andy and I have given and received gifts that were fantastic but maybe not necessary. For us, money is really tight right now. It’s enabling us to realize what is truly important in our lives.

I’m hoping this holiday season that gifts will be more personal and thoughtful. I’m truly hoping that consumers will not take advantage of the new layaway programs that retailers are rolling out. Stay within your means, even if it’s small. Because as dorky as it sounds, Yes, we can make this country better but we all have to try harder!


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  1. Yay for the AMA! So glad they are keeping you entertained!

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