Weight Debate

Part of my job duties are to send out monthly web reports to our clients. I look at the usage, analyze the trends, and ultimately comment on them. I usually recommend courses of action based on the usage. Our clients are retailers and I work within the health and wellness space. Our clients are big Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller retailers with only a few stores. I don’t know why but it’s amazing to me that one topic that has the highest amount of views is weight loss.

I sent out a report recently to a retailer in the Pacific Northwest and almost every category: herbs, vitamins, health conditions, etc had some connection to weight loss. You Google weight loss and get 86,400,000 hits and then Google asks if you want to refine that search. Did you mean weight loss pills, treatments, symptoms, causes/risk factors, etc. But with all of that information are we as Americans as human beings getting any smaller? Probably not.

I read a report recently that Australians were actually fatter than Americans. For some reason this made me feel better almost happier. (I did try to find some mention of the report I saw but am unable to find it.) I get tired of watching the news and hearing reports of how fat we are while showing footage the midsections of heavy people just walking around minding their own business. I also watch to make sure its not my midsection. How horrifying would that be to see your jiggly midsection on the news during a report about how fat we are?

This is how it would go down. You’d be out and about chilling with your girls doing a little shopping maybe getting a smoothie or an iced coffee. Then you gotta get back to the house and you’re probably trying to cross the street before the flashing hand tells you to stay put. So you hustle across the street way faster than normal maybe even running. And that’s when they get you! BAM!! You’re watching the ten o’clock news and you see it. They first start off with ‘the study’ or ‘the report’. As they get into the nitty gritty details of exactly how fat we are, you see it. It’s your midsection or worse your back side. They pan in really tight with the shot so you see your clothes pulled taunt across your bulging form as it jiggles across your television. Perfect. Your fifteen seconds of fame.


2 responses to “Weight Debate

  1. We should start a weight gain trend. Let’s start criticizing and ridiculing people with healthy BMI’s. That would be friggin hilarious.

  2. Preach on sister!!! Preach on!!! Diggin’ on your rant 🙂

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